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Designing and Implementing a Game GIS Service for Earthquake Crisis Management: A case study for District 10 of Tabriz City. (23689 Views)
Spatial Analysis in Geography Studies (16717 Views)
Philosophical Foundation of environmental hazards (11187 Views)
Evaluation of air pollution in Tehran city by Hefter's critical Inversion method (10581 Views)
Effect of climate change on the trends of Extreme Precipitation Indices in Iran (10344 Views)
Infrastructures and Resiliency to Natural Disasters With Emphasis on Flood The Case: Typical Tourism Regions in North of Iran (Cheshmekile & Sardabrud) (10194 Views)
Viability assessment in district 17 of Tehran Municipality (10161 Views)
Spatial Classification of the Sultry Days in the Southern Half of Iran (9443 Views)
The evaluation of the urban fabric resiliency against earthquake risk Case Study: Zanjan (9432 Views)
Synoptic-dynamic analysis of dust storm and its simulation in southwest of Iran in summer 2005 (9149 Views)
Calibration and Evaluation of Hydrological Models, IHACRES and SWAT Models in Runoff Simulation (9126 Views)
Spatial analysis of climatic drought in North West of Iran using spatial autocorrelation statistics (8838 Views)
Synoptic Analysis of Climatic Hazards in Southwestern Iran (Case study: flood generating heavy precipitation of Azar 1391) (8838 Views)
Studding the Condition of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height of Khuzestan in the Dusty Days (8650 Views)
Evaluation of the urban resilience against natural hazards in 12 region of Tehran Metropolis (8627 Views)
The Role of Social Stratification in the Spatial Distribution of Vulnerability to Environmental Hazards in the City of Tehran (8593 Views)
Evaluation of implementation disaster management indicators in the detailed plan (Case study: 20th municipal district of Tehran) (8579 Views)
Study of Daily and Seasonal Variations of Wind, Temperature, CO and PM10 in the Atmospheric Surface Layer over Tehran (8508 Views)
The Intensity and Return Periods of Drought under Future Climate Change Scenarios in Iran (8376 Views)
Circulation Patterns of Heavy Rains in the North West of Iran (8290 Views)
Simulation and Numerical Analysis of severe dust storms Iran East (8273 Views)
Site selection of crisis management base in Kahrizak District of Ray County (8260 Views)
Classification of Atmospheric Circulation Patterns related to heavy snowfall in west of Iran. (8235 Views)
Climate Change and Climate Hazards in Tehran (8214 Views)
Spatial Analysis of Villagers’ Resilience Against Environmental Hazards (A Case Study of Central District of Faruj County) (8133 Views)
The analysis of dust hazard studies in southwest region of Iran in 22 years (1996-2017) (8118 Views)
Spatial Analysis of Geomorphological Hazards of Urban Development in the Banks of Khoshk River in Shiraz, Iran (8115 Views)
Evaluation of the groundwater table using multi-criteria decision making and spatial analysis, case study: Ardebil Plain (8087 Views)
The Spatial Analysis of Hazard of Spring Thunderstorms in Iran (7984 Views)
Spatial Analysis of Urban vulnerability Against Military Attacks in Piranshahr City (7951 Views)
Detection of extreme precipitation changes and attribution to climate change using standard optimal fingerprinting (Case study: The Southwest of Iran) (7938 Views)
Analysis of Components Influencing the Women's Participation in Disaster Management Cycle in Tehran (7776 Views)
Zoning of Rain hazards of drought and flood emphasis on population centers in Helle and Mond basins (7703 Views)
The Analysis and Extraction of Daily Heavy Rainfall Lead Atmospheric Patterns in Northern Portion of Persian Gulf (Helle and Mond Subbasin) (7693 Views)
Identifying and Analyzing the Impact Resilience Indicators in the Rural Areas of North and Northeast Tehran (7685 Views)
Assessment of Urban Vulnerability to Earthquake with Emphasis on Urban Crisis Management in the City of Kashmar (7666 Views)
3D Spatio-Temporal Modeling of NOx Air Pollution of Vehicular Traffic in Vali-e-Asr and Fatemi Streets Intersection, Tehran City (7641 Views)
Assessing the Resilience of the Rural Settlements against the Risk of Flooding in the Villages of the Nekarud Basin (7601 Views)
A Study on the Seismicity of Iran (7594 Views)
Analysis and ranking of adaptation strategies to climate change from the perspective of local people in Sistan plain (7514 Views)
Measuring the Impact of Vegetation Greenness on Spatial Changes of Heat Island Intensity in Tehran Metropolitan by Using ASTER and Landsat8 Satellite Images (7509 Views)
the Role of Livelihood Diversity on the Resilience of rural households living around the Lake Urmia against drought. (7415 Views)
Spatial analysis of vulnerability in urban and rural settlements against earthquake hazard Case Study: Guilan Province (7400 Views)
Building Violations and Spatial-Physical Changes in Districts of Tehran Metropolis (7399 Views)
Spatial analysis of the livability of District (2) of Sanandaj City (7391 Views)
Spatial Analysis of Natural Hazards Resulting from the Over- Exploration of Ground Water in the Coastal Aquifer of Urmia Region (7337 Views)
Climatology of Mediterranean winter season rain producing cyclones in Iran (7334 Views)
The Statistical and Synoptic Analysis of Snow Storms in Western Azerbaijan Province (7324 Views)
Calculating of Heat Island Intensity Based on Urban Geometry (Case Study: District of Kucheh bagh in Tabriz) (7306 Views)
Analysis and Assessment of Landslide Vulnerability in Mountainous Hillsides of Tehran Metropolis (7241 Views)
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